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Deluxe Room Kura Kura Resort Gili Meno

Deluxe Room

There is a total of 15 rooms, 3 of which have connecting doors that open to create a family suite. Ten rooms are poolside however there are lush tropical gardens between the rooms and pool for privacy and noise eradication from playful people in the pool. All the rooms are superb with amazing Indonesian interior decoration and comfort. The bathrooms are a very good size with hot and cold water processed and filtered by the local reverse osmosis plant.

The is ample fresh drinking water provided in the rooms. We decided some time ago to do away with plastic bottled water and replace these with 8 gallon bottles that are perched in a stand for easy usage. There is no charge for additional water in the room, fill up your water bottles before you go out for your daily activities.

The wifi signal in the rooms is extremely good and you should be able to stream your movies, Netflix etc etc. We placed several routers around the pool area to boost the signal. There is also a dvd player in each room with a wide variety of movies available, free of charge.

Room service for food and beverages is available up until 9pm and our guest relations officer is on duty until 11pm. We also supply you with an after hours emergency contact number.

We welcome you to the tranquil and relaxing Kura Kura Resort.

Deluxe Room Kura Kura Resort Facilities

  • Fresh hot and cold water
  • Fresh purified free flow water
  • 1 pk air conditioning unit
  • Standing fan (for those that don’t like A/C)
  • Flat screen tv with dvd player
  • Mini Bar Fridge
  • Tea / coffee making equipment
  • Room service
  • In room massage service
  • WiFi access
  • Block out curtains
  • 32 Sqm of Living space


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