Diving on Gili Meno Island

There are 5 sites that we visit around the Gili Meno, most are suited to all levels of diver but a few require an Advanced certification or higher.

Simon´s Reef: Suitable for Advanced Divers.

A great deep dive that offers a variety of corals not seen on the other dive sites, at 30m this site has a sandy bottom between large sea mounds. These sea mounds range in size and have an interesting variety of overhangs and outcrops, there are also some interesting sand bar formations similar to sand dunes in a desert. The dive ends on a pinnacle that’s covered in fish life.

Meno Bounty: (also known as Jubblies): Suitable for all levels

Bounty wreck gili meno, A 30m long sunken platform on the south west side of Meno, covered in hard and soft corals. The bounty is a haven for many types of fish such as Scorpion fish, Stone fish and Juvenile Batfish. Large schools of drummer fish are often seen here.

Meno Wall: Suitable for all levels

Just off the west of Gili Meno and home to a plethora of crustaceans and a great spot for night diving. The wall runs from 5m down to 16m and a second wall runs a little deeper. Spanish dancers, crabs ranging from small coral crabs up to the huge sponge crab, lobsters, shrimps, sleeping turtles, baby cuttlefish and scorpion fish are amongst the many creatures that can be seen.

Mirkos: (also known as Secret Reef)

On the east of Meno you can find this long sea mound, which stretches almost the whole length of the island. A beautiful deep dive, famous for the beautiful coral, where you can find lots of cool small stuff like Glass Shrimps and Porcelain Crabs.

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