Kura Kura Resort strives to be as environmentally friendly and are constantly looking for ways to reduce plastic waste and reduce the amount of water and detergents we use. Our attitude is that we can never do enough and whether it be work practices we can change or the implementation of new technologies we are always on the lookout to introduce changes that benefit the island and the community. These are some of the initials we have introduced so far;

We have stopped supplying bottled plastic water in the rooms. Each day, housekeeping left 3 bottles per day when servicing a room. We now supplied purified water in refillable containers that the guest can use for drinking, making tea or coffee, even brush their teeth with it. This change alone, based on 60% occupancy per annum for 15 rooms has reduced our plastic waste by 9,850 bottles per annum. We have also placed a small sign in the room asking guests to consider the environment and if they do not need daily washing of towels and sheets just place the sign on the bed when they leave the room. Every little bit helps.

Plastic straws are terrible for our environment and we do not use them in our restaurant and mini market. All drinks such as cocktails or spirits are delivered to our guest using a bamboo straw. It’s surprising how many guests comment and ask where can they buy these, we respond “ in our shop of course”. We buy the straws in Bali and bring them over to the island. They can be purchased for as little as USD 0.25c each.

Our mini market at the entrance to our resort no longer dispenses plastic single-use bags with any purchases made. Their option is to buy at very reasonable prices a reusable bag ( which is a souvenir as well ) for approximately USD 0.70c .
Pic to be provided Our Mini market, located in the main harbour is also a filling station for travellers that want to refill their own plastic containers.  This is part of the fill my bottle campaign that is becoming very popular around the world.

Kura Kura staff also volunteer for the Sunday island cleanup campaign. They do this in their own time and do an amazing job in collecting rubbish that washes up on the Gili Meno shoreline.